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to the world

Jodie Watkins, global makeup artist, beauty educator and skin specialist - Creator of Urth Skin

Jodie Watkins, global makeup artist, beauty educator and skin specialist working on thousands of faces with varying skin tones, types and conditions for almost 20 years didn’t research too much about what ingredients she put on the faces of her clients or herself despite using the biggest known global brands making bold statements.

It wasn’t until 2014 when her mum became terminally ill that Jodie started thinking very seriously about not only what we put in our body but on to the largest organ we have THE SKIN.

It took her many years of growing up, diplomas and research before finally believing and seeing the results ‘inside & out’

So began the journey of Urth Skin, they wanted to create a sustainable brand made in Australia with natural ingredients that had to have proven results without a woo woo hippy vibe.

The brand wanted to create something toxin free, pure, clean, simple yet effective without having a list of 50+ ingredients on the label. Products that can penetrate the layers of your skin without causing any harm and leaving only positive results. 

It seemed the best way to start would be correction serums, “most people have something they want to improve about their skin’ says Jodie, dark spots, redness, wrinkles and dehydration, so skin serums were first on the product list. 

3 skin serums with just 6 ingredients, total.

All plant, fruit and flower based.

Powerful yet gentle they can be used on all skin types and all ages from 12 months old. 

‘We are excited at where the clean beauty movement is heading, and we look forward to being a huge part of it and brining much more awareness to this area of beauty as well as many more fantastic products’ she says. 

“‘People don’t realize that what you put on your skin gets in, into your blood stream, your organs, your endocrine system (cells) Jodie says.”

Jodie Watkins
Clean Australian Beauty Products


Meaning we choose to avoid any obvious ‘nasty’ chemicals and toxins, using natural plant, fruit, flower and active ingredients that support the skin for optimum health and balance.

Cruelty Free and Vegan

We do not and never will test our products on animals great or small or include any animal ingredients in our skincare.

Australian Plant Power

Our products are organically wild harvested and formulated from Australian plants, fruits or flower whole water soluble extracts.


We use recycled and biodegradable packaging. Positive environmental practices manufactured to order, meaning, only using what is needed, no waste.