Our serums are made right here in Australia.

Which means jobs stay in this country and support people around your area, local communities and indigenous communities. Everything from the packaging, bottles, labels and liquid inside are all made right here locally, which is not only fantastic for our country, but it also means we are not waiting for international supplies. We are able to have serums to our warehouse within 48 hours, Skin serums are not sitting with couriers in hot climates for days or weeks losing potency. A huge plus for all, especially your skin.

Using only Australian ingredients, no chemical, no fillers, no Sulphates, not modified in any way What we put on our skin gets in. Our skin is the largest organ our body has. Using chemicals, inferior fillers and nasties topically can in turn affect our gut health, skin health and overall wellbeing.


Clean, green, sustainable beauty 

We are committed to taking responsibility, having a positive environmental footprint, supporting the development of primary industry markets and growers and indigenous communities. We use recycled glass and packaging where possible. Our serum ingredients are wild harvested, taking only what is in abundance and needed at that time, no waste. We are cruelty free and vegan and contain no animal by products.


Good for the skin and the planet

Clean science harnesses nature’s strategies to create and store powerful actives from the cells of fruit, wood, leaf and flowers. We are no longer limited to standard synthetic imitations or inferior technologies that destroy plant cell activity, keeping it going and growing for years to come.

Our Vision to create a range of corrective skin serums that truly delivers the power of plants and nature, unique, innovative, organic, sustainable and supporting local Australian communities.


Can I mix different Urth skin serums?

YES absolutely although each serum is targeted at certain concerns, mixing them will not alter their potency. These serums are so pure (not watered down)

Example, you can use the Dark to Light for dark circles under the eyes and then layer the Repaid & Rewind (Vitamin C) over the entire face and neck. If redness is your main concern apply Heal & Protect first, then layer Repair & Rewind over the entire face and neck.


Why Fragrance Free?

Many people don’t realise that the ingredient they are allergic or may react to can actually be the fragrance or scent. We have decided to keep fragrance out to ensure the very best for your skin without having to worry about oils, perfumes or chemical reactions.


Will this serum bead or separate under my makeup?

Not in any way. We have tried and tested the Urth Skin Serums on hundreds of skin types using multiple brands of makeup and foundations across many faces, ages and ethnicities. We found that the Urth Skin Serums acted as the perfect primer before any makeup application, especially under the eye area. When we applied Dark to Light serum under a concealer it left an incredible dewy result, a glow without grease and diminished fine lines that tend to become more evident under the eyes.

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